Beyonce ‘takes Solange’s side’ in Jay-Z fight, as star posts series of pictures to her Instagram

Beyonce has shown solidarity with sister Solange today, by posting a series of throwback pictures of her sibling to Instagram.

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After shocking footage emerged this week of Beyonce's singer sister Solange attacking Jay-Z in a lift, the world has been speculating on what could have caused the vicious attack, which occured at the Met Gala.

Beyonce and Solange on stage at Coachella

And now Beyonce seems to be taking her sister's side in the matter, posting a series of four pictures of them both to her Instagram page.

Without captions, Beyonce included snaps showing her and Solange dancing on stage at Coachella, cuddling up in the back of a jeep, as well as looking glam at an event and arriving at a festival.

This comes just days after the star posted a cryptic message to the site, in which she posted a quote that read: 'Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who isn't a good influence.'

Solange and Beyonce cuddle up

According to reports, Solange attacked Jay-Z in the lift after he decided to attend Rihanna's after party without his wife.

A source later said that Solange snapped at her brother in law, asking him why he couldn't go home with Beyonce rather than carry on elsewhere.

Beyonce and Solange

Turning to her sister, she said: 'Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'

Jay-Z's then curtly responded to Solange: 'You're one to talk,' which sent the singer into a three minute tirade of anger.

According to the source Solange has snapped like this before, which is the explanation for Beyonce and Jay-Z's relatively calm behaviour in the lift.

Beyonce and Solange left the Met Gala in a seperate car from Jay-Z, but the following day the couple were reunited at a baseball game, prompting many to question if the star was taking her husband's side in the matter.

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