Bear Grylls sparks online debate after surprise confession about his wife and kids

The father of three spills all the beans in how he think you find happiness...

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by Yasmin-May Harisha |
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In a recent interview Bear Grylls revealed he prioritises his wife over his children – much to the uproar of many parents.

The 41-year-old confessed how, in his opinion, the secret to happy families is for him to keep his wife happy first.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the dad of three said:

“We must prioritise our partners above everything else: even our kids. Couples often think that the kids should always come first, but smart couples know that the best foundation for the family is their relationship. In protecting that, they can then best love their children.”

Bear Grylls tied the not with Shara 16 years ago and since then he’s kept the attention on his wife keeping the spark alight as “there is no relationship more important than your marriage.”

And it didn’t take long for other parents to voice their disagreement with the TV star.

Over at Coffehouse on, many mums were shocked by The Island star’s comments.

One mum said, “I love my son more than my partner and my partner wouldn’t be shocked to hear it just as I would expect him to love our son more than me.”

And another: “For me, my children will ALWAYS come first before anyone else. I love my husband, but my love for my children is stronger. Always has been always will be”.

What do you make of Bear Grylls comments?

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