Ashton Kutcher learning Russian for unborn child with Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher has started learning Russian in order to preserve the heritage of his unborn child with Mila Kunis, who was born in the Ukraine.


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Actress Mila Kunis confirmed her pregnancy to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres after months of speculation.

Reports emerged earlier this year that the star was expecting her first child with partner Ashton, but neither he nor Mila confirmed- until now.

Mila was born in the Ukraine and spent the first seven years of her life there before moving to the US.

Upon her arrival in America, Mila took acting and drama classes to help her learn English, prompting her to take the first steps in achieving her now lucrative and successful Hollywood career.

Mila Kunis is fluent in Russian
Mila Kunis is fluent in Russian

Speaking on The Ellen Show, Mila revealed that Ashton is learning Russian so that they can teach their unborn child Mila’s native tongue.

She revealed: ‘He's been taking classes for probably like six months now. He does it twice a week, a woman comes to the house and gives him lessons.’

Mila also revealed that the couple HAD picked a name out for their pending new arrival, but refused to disclose the baby’s due date or sex.

So what we do know about mini Kutcher is that he or she WILL have a name and it WILL be fluent in Russian.

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