ANT & DEC: Stitch up Gordon Ramsay bigtime!

Saturday Night Takeaway is back on ITV - which can mean only one thing, yes, more unsuspecting celebrities being hoodwinked by those cheeky chappies Ant and Dec! Don't miss Saturday's show where Gordon Ramsay is stitched up big stylee in their most ambitious undercover scam to date...It's time to pull on the latex, as 'handymen' (it's really Ant and Dec) flew to LA to cause havoc on the set of US MasterChef. In hilarious scenes, the hapless handymen can be seen making lots of noise on the quiet set, but once filming had stopped, temperatures soon reach boiling point when Dec (dressed up as Juan Junior) makes himself at home in Gordon's dressing room.  With the pair locked in, it’s up to Ant (dressed up as Juan Senior) to free them!   Saturday Night Takeaway, Sat 1 March, 7pm, ITV

by Hannah Wright |
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ANT & DEC: Stitch up Gordon Ramsay bigtime!

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