Anna Passey: ‘I’d love to do Bake Off or Strictly!’

We have a 5-minute chat with the Hollyoaks actress behind the unhinged Sienna Blake...


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Anna Passey, 32, who plays Hollyoaks' messed up Sienna Blake – currently caught up in a major revenge storyline following a dramatic Halloween fire...

Your character Sienna is a bit unhinged to say the least – is she fun to play?


Definitely for the most part it's great; it's so fun playing Sienna and I get the fantastic stories so I'm never, ever bored. The only downside is sometimes I'm tired. The Halloween "Spooktacular" episodes took a while to film – lots of night shoots and big scenes. It took a lot of energy but the end result was absolutely epic and definitely worth the effort.

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How do you wind down?

Yoga has become very important to me! I think it gets easier the longer you play a character - you can sort of switch off when you finish and not take it home with you. Usually when I finish my day's filming I'm either straight to the gym for an hour or to yoga. Then I go home to my partner (Nick Rhys, who played Hollyoaks' bad boy Lockie Campbell) and I'm not awful to him!

What was it like being in the same show as your real-life boyfriend?


We never actually had scenes together but it was nice being in the same building and now obviously he's not there but he's kept up to date with what's going on when I come home every night. He tries to keep up with the story as much as he can.

Are you a healthy eater?

I think I'm quite good at eating healthily - I think the struggle comes when you're working really long days or night shoots. It's about trying to fit everything in, and planning your meals ahead so you're not just hungry and eating biscuits at the time. Luckily, Sienna's not the most glamorous character so I've really had to let go of wanting to look good on camera – in the Halloween special especially I was covered in mess and dirt and all sorts!

Who do you mostly hang out with from the Hollyoaks cast?


We actually do quite a lot of nights out as a whole cast – that's when the attention comes. I hang out a lot with Jessica Fox (Nancy) who's my neighbour and Cameron Moore (Cameron Campbell). Other than that, Jeremy (Sheffield – who played Sienna's father Patrick Blake), was my best friend on the show. I'd see him a lot so I miss him being here but all of the girls are pretty good friends, and Jen (Metcalfe – Mercedes) and I do yoga together.

You've been at Hollyoaks for four years; do you fancy doing anything else?

I like Strictly Come Dancing and I'm A Celeb!, but I don't know how I'd have time for those. If they did do another celebrity Bake Off I'd be straight in there – I'm making a friend's wedding cake at the moment, which is taking all of my baking skills!

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