Amy Childs: From TOWIE beautician to multi-millionaire businesswoman

She may be known for her Essex-style ditzy nature but that hasn’t stopped Amy Childs from creating a multi-million pound empire.


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At just 23, Amy has built up several successful businesses, including her own salon, a clothing line and a range of cosmetics.

Talking about her brand to a UK newspaper, Amy said: “I have the Amy Childs salon, the Amy Childs boutique and my own clothing line.

“I’ve even got my own clothing collection in Australia and Spain. My brand could go worldwide.”

Amy first shot to fame on The Only Way is Essex, alongside Mark Wright and Sam Faiers
Amy first shot to fame on The Only Way is Essex, alongside Mark Wright and Sam Faiers


Amy, from Brentwood in Essex, first shot to fame on reality show TOWIE but took a risk when she decided to leave after only two series.

However, after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother it seemed her risky moved had paid off when she landed her own Channel 5 reality show, It’s All About Amy.

Despite leaving the show early on in it’s run, Amy is arguably one of the most successful people to ever come out of TOWIE, and it’s reported her total net worth is now £10million.

She left the show to appear on Celebrity Big Brother


Before appearing on the show, it is believed that Amy was earning under £200 a week as a beautician, and it seems her ambition started at an early age when she was elected as head girl at school when she was just 11.

Amy said: “They chose me because the girls really looked up to me. I did go to private school and I was never at the back of the class. I worked hard and my mum used to give me private tuition.”

She left with a full-set of GCSEs but it was when Amy started at the Brentwood Academy that she really came into her own.

Recalling her time there, Amy said: “The teachers all thought I was a natural – they couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it before. They’d never seen anyone like it. I was an A-star pupil.”

Amy has big ambitions for the future


She came from a wealthy background, but that didn’t stop Amy working from a young age.

“My mum and dad always made me work,” she said, “Even when I was finished school at 16, my mum said: ‘No way are you doing nothing – you’ll get a Saturday job.’ So my friend gave me a job at a beauty salon and I loved it.”

And now Amy has big plans for the future, insisting she even wants to outdo lifelong idol Katie Price.

She said: “By the time I’m 30, I’d like to have a chain of beauty shops and one day I’d like to have my own beauty academies.”

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