Amy Childs hits back after pictures show her drinking prosecco while pregnant

Amy Childs drinking prosecco pregnant

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Pregnant Amy Childs has been criticsised after pictures emerged of her drinking prosecco

Amy Childs has hit back after coming under fire for drinking alcohol while heavily pregnant.

As we all know, the former TOWIE star is expecting her first child - a baby girl - with her boyfriend Bradley Wright.

Amy, 26, has spoken of her joy at finally becoming a mother, so fans were shocked and upset when photos emerged of her downing glasses of bubbly at a salon.

However, as is often the case, all is not as it seems.

Amy Childs drinking prosecco pregnant
Amy hit back at her critics (Credit: Instagram/ Amy Childs) ©Instagram/ Amy Childs

In an Instagram post, Amy has hit back at her critics and explained that the prosecco she was enjoying is, in fact, alcohol free!

Writing on Instagram, she explained: "So it seems I’ve been criticised following a set of photos which surfaced yesterday. I’m pretty hurt that people would think I am the sort of person who would put my baby at risk. Under no circumstances would I ever do that. Being a mum is something I’ve dreamt of for so long and I wouldn’t ruin it for an act of selfishness.

"The pictures you are all referring to have been taken way out of context. I’m a girl that loves a glass of fizz, but since finding out I was pregnant I’ve not gone near a drop of alcohol. Instead, I've found a non-alcholic version of my favourite drink (prosecco) @scavirayuk which means I can still enjoy myself and have a chat with my friends over a drink!

"I hope this clears it up for anyone that was doubting me. I will always put my baby first. 💞💞"


Amy Childs pregnant
Amy Childs is due in May! (Credit: Instagram/ Amy Childs) ©Instagram/ Amy Childs

So there you have it. It turns out it's all a storm in a prosecco glass!

And for all the other expectant mummies out there, you can get your hands on a bottle or Amy's favourite alcohol-free tipple - Scavi & Ray Prosecco - for just £9.99, here.

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