Amy Childs’ boyfriend ‘begs for forgiveness’ after he’s caught sexting

After gushing that new man Bradley Wright was the ‘perfect guy,’ Amy Childs has been left reeling by reports he sexted another woman.


by Ellie Hooper |
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But in this week’s new! magazine, 25-year-old Bradley claimed the issue was massively blown out of proportion.

‘It was all dirty talk’ Bradley admitted, ‘I showed a mate and we thought we’d have a laugh with her because she constantly called us.’

Wright went onto explain how he and the woman messaged for a few weeks, where she was often the butt end of his jokes.

Amy was not best pleased with her other half's behaviour
Amy was not best pleased with her other half's behaviour

But despite playing down the texts, Bradley admitted the exchange was ‘stupid’ and that girlfriend of over a year Amy was ’annoyed’ by the incident.

‘I feel like I’ve let Amy down. This woman set out to ruin our relationship and then make money from selling the story,’ he claimed.

Meanwhile ‘other woman’ Marie Asemota, told her side of the story, saying Wright offered to be her ‘sex buddy.’

‘On some occasions, Amy was with him….He said that if Amy answered when I called, I should enquire about hiring a digger.’

‘I want Amy to know the type of person he is,’ she added.

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