Amber Rose reignites feud with Kim Kardashian with sex tape comment

We can understand why Amber Rose is bitter.


by Ellie Hooper |
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She dated Kanye, and Kim Kardashian was that female friend that just didn’t seem to know the line.

Then, just as she’d probably convinced herself she was making the whole thing up, Kanye starts dating Kim and even admits he had really wanted her all along.

Charming, right?

And it seems, years later, that Amber just can’t bury the hatchet when it comes to the Kardashian sister - hitting out at her in a recent interview with GQ.

As the 32-year-old posed naked to show off her incredible curves, she discussed everything from her personal life to Kanye’s new wife Kim.

“I said [to Khloé Kardashian], 'Your sister [Kylie Jenner] has a career because your other sister [Kim Kardashian] made a sex tape and put the whole family on.’

“I think it's f***ing awesome that she did a sex tape and made millions of dollars for her family,” she added.

While it seems like Amber might be complimenting the clan, previous relations between the groups would suggest that this probably isn’t the case.

What Amber was actually getting at however, is that neither party should forget how they first found their fame.

Amber was a stripper from the tender age of 15, and campaigns religiously for women to stop being ‘slut shamed.’

Kim meanwhile, shot to fame when she filmed a sex tape with her ex boyfriend Ray J, something which then catapulted the Kardashian family into the public eye.

But Amber is already angry about the interview, in which GQ sold her as: ‘teen stripper turned megalomaniac muse’ and also ‘Kanye’s infamous ex, Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama.’

After reading the interview, Amber wrote on Instagram: 'Really @gq??? I'm so much more then Kanye's Ex or Wiz's baby's mama. Damn, why the f*** did u guys reach out to me for this article and photoshoot?'

'To dumb me down? I talked about feminism and my Slutwalk... Wtf nice title smh I expected so much more from u guys and I'm so disappointed. I was so excited to be featured in GQ not realizing I was shooting for a tabloid. My slutwalk was for ignorant s*it like this. Oh "Her beautiful dark twisted journey to the top"? Nice pun. Negative af. Thx for nothing.'

GQ hits news stands this week.

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