Alison Hammond: ‘I’ve finally found a man I can trust’

Insiders say This Morning’s Alison Hammond is plagued by doubt over whether to reveal her ‘special’ guy

alison hammond

by Closer staff |

Her gorgeous new glow-up, her blossoming career and her risqué sense of humour seem to have won over everyone – including married co-host Dermot O’Leary, who recently described the TV star as a “catch”.

And last week, after previously sharing her struggles with dating and admitting she lacked confidence in forging meaningful connections with potential partners, mum-of-one Alison Hammond revealed she’s met “someone special”.

Accidentally outed by a red-faced Dermot when he let slip she was no longer “available” live on air, Alison, 47, told This Morning viewers, “There’s someone special in my life. Thank you, Dermot, for telling everyone but there is somebody I’m dating.

“He makes my heart sing and I feel content, he enriches my life in ways that I can’t explain.”

While the identity of her new man remains a mystery, their relationship marks her first “serious” romance in
five years, following her split from ex-fiancé, security guard Jamie Savage (who Alison met online), in 2017.

At the time of the break-up after three years of dating, a heartbroken Alison said, “I don’t think I want anyone else now”.

However, as her career took off when a shake-up at ITV saw her replace former host Ruth Langsford on the This Morning sofa, Alison’s new-found confidence prompted her to take part in reality show Celebs Go Dating, where she briefly dated audio technician Ben Fusi before their relationship fizzled out. Alison was previously married to cab driver Noureddine Boufaied and the pair remain on good terms as they share their 17-year-old son, Aidan.

Fans rushed to congratulate the former Big Brother star on her new relationship, with one posting, “Well done Alison, I’m happy for you”, while others praised her new look as “absolutely beautiful”.

Despite sharing details of her romance, insiders say the star is worried about how the interest in her life might affect her new relationship.

A source says, “Alison’s feeling torn. On the one hand she’s so happy that she’s found someone special – but on the other, she’s scared her showbiz career could put pressure on the relationship.

“She’s really not sure how to proceed as this feels like the first time she’s had to deal with this much interest in her love life. She really doesn’t know whether to take a big risk by going public, or try as hard as she can to keep him secret.

“Having a loving relationship is the perfect balance to her TV career and she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardise that, but she doesn’t see why she should have to hide anything.”

It’s not the first time Alison has expressed doubt over meeting a new man in the public eye.

In November, after admitting she struggled to get the hang of swiping in the right direction on Tinder, she revealed, “It’s so hard. They say, ‘Why are you using Alison Hammond as your profile picture?’”

She also revealed that she had trust issues with men because her father was absent during her childhood.

“The fact I didn’t have my father in my life shaped the way I interact with men in relationships,” she said. “I always want to be in charge. I don’t trust men because my dad wasn’t ever there. [But] I’m working on that now. I’m more trusting.”

Alison – who has described her perfect partner as “kind, funny, driven and passionate for life” – has also confessed that her bubbly sense of humour, which has won over millions of fans, has sometimes proved an obstacle in her love life.

She added, “I always flirt with people and they think I’m joking... I can never get past that... It’s really hard.”

While Alison’s personal life appears to have improved vastly in recent months, an insider reveals how she still feels vulnerable about taking the next step and going public, and has asked her co-stars for advice.

The source adds, “She’s been speaking to her telly mates and has had advice from Dermot, Holly and Phillip. They told her to follow her heart and do what feels right, but they’ve also warned her to keep her guard up and make sure she has a loyal support group around her – just in case anything does go wrong.

“Everyone loves Alison at This Morning, and they want her to have all the happiness in the world, but at the same time they feel very protective. She is so bubbly and warm – which is what makes her so likeable.”

Meanwhile, although Alison is said to be feeling “nervous”, the source adds that the TV presenter is feeling proud that her confidence boost has attracted something good into her life.

The insider adds, “The romance has helped her confidence and she also thinks it’s the reason she has found love, by finally embracing herself and celebrating who she is – it has clearly attracted some good fortune.”

And despite taking tentative steps towards going public with her mystery new love, Alison has previously shared her dreams of a “fairytale wedding”.

She said, “I would love to get married. I’d love to walk down the aisle in a big, white dress and have the fairytale wedding. I love being in love. I am a different person when I am. My heart sings – it’s amazing.”

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