Alicia Douvall warns Katie Price that her outrageous behaviour could end up affecting her kids

Alicia Douvall has hit the headlines for her plastic surgery addiction, as well as her rumoured flings with Simon Cowell, footballer John Terry and singer Mick Hucknall. She tells Closer she regrets the impact her lifestyle had on her daughter Georgia, now 19. Now she warns Katie Price that attacking the alleged women who slept with her husband Kieran Hayler for being "whores" and "sluts" in a series of vicious tweets only sets a bad example for her kids


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“All children look up to their parents and want to imitate them – when Jordan calls other women prostitutes or whores, she’s using playground bully tactics and that’s not something you want your kids have as an example.

I’ve always tried to protect Georgia from the scandals in my life, but when you have Jordan’s level of fame, her kids’ school friends and their parents will all pay attention to the recent lurid details she opened up about.

Alicia Douvall says her daughter Georgia suffered growing up with a mum constantly in the spotlight
Alicia Douvall says her daughter Georgia suffered growing up with a mum constantly in the spotlight

This naturally exposes her kids to being bullied and gossip to start at school. I know I sold stories about my flings, but I was afraid they would be exposed anyway so wanted to speak out first. But one of my biggest regrets is that, because I was in the headlines, Georgia was bullied from around the age of six right through her teenage years. I tried to protect her by not turning up at the school gates with her or attending school events – because I didn’t want my ‘reputation’ with some of the kids and parents to effect her. I ended up missing out on so many things as a result but I didn’t feel welcome.

She was affected so badly, she went to seven different school and only attended one of the schools for two day before I pulled out because the other children and their parents were so cruel. Some kids called me a “whore” and a “tart” to Georgia’s face and random people would sometimes shout at me on the street. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Jordan needs to think about her behaviour now before it affects the kids later down the line.

I really admire Georgia for being a strong enough person not to be sucked into the world of celebrity – but other kids can so easily be influenced. That’s why Jordan has to be so careful with Junior and Princess because at nine and seven, they’re at a very impressionable age.

I’ve ploughed more than £1.5 million into plastic surgery but luckily Georgia completely disapproves and has never wanted to follow in my footsteps. I'm so proud of her - she's studying to be an actress now and I'll be supporting her every step of the way."

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