Congrats! Former Hollyoaks star Ali Bastian is engaged

Ali Bastian David O’Mahony

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Former Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing star Ali Bastian is engaged!

Congratulations are in order for Ali Bastian and her fiancé David O’Mahony who are getting married.

The happy couple have been together for 18 months and despite planning to pop the question on their holiday in Bali, David couldn't wait and ended up proposing shortly after seeing a musical on the actress's birthday.

How sweet!

Admitting that the proposal was a shock, the 36-year-old star explained: "Even though we’d discussed marriage, it took me completely by surprise. I still think, has this really happened?"

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Ali Bastian
©Instagram / alibastianinsta

She went on to reveal to OK! magazine that they're planning on having three separate celebrations for their big day: "We’re planning three celebrations.

"We want to get married in London followed by a cocktail party and then a blessing in Bali."

Ali Bastian
©Instagram / alibastianinsta

The actress then gushed about her wonderful partner: "'I love David’s kindness – he is so kind and thoughtful, to a point where sometimes I’m like, how could I ever be so thoughtful?

"He makes me want to hold up my side of the deal every day."


Ali Bastian
©Instagram / alibastianinsta

During the interview with the publication, David admitted that he's been a fan of Ali since her Hollyoaks days. He explained: "'I had Ali’s poster on my wall at uni! I wish I could go back to my 19-year-old self and say: 'It’ll be great, don’t worry!'"


Fans of the Channel 4 soap will remember Ali for her role as Becca Hayton, during her time in the village she had an affair with her student Justin Burton, fell pregnant with her husband JAke Dean's baby and then died in prison following a fight with another inmate.

Ali Bastian
Ali Bastian is still friends with Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy Richardson on Hollyoaks ©Instagram / alibastianinsta

Ali has also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and The Bill.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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