Actress Emily Blunt says breastfeeding helped her shed pregnancy weight

British actress Emily Blunt has revealed that breastfeeding her newborn daughter helped her shift the pregnancy pounds.


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Speaking to chat show host Ellen Degeneres, the Devil Wears Prada actress revealed that she was surprised by the amount of milk her body started producing.

She said on The Ellen Show: ‘My boobs also thought I had 12 children… I remember the morning the milk came in.’

‘Everyone was sort of warning me that it was going to happen… It was like 3 in the morning and (husband) John (Krasinski) woke up to me it was like something out of a horror movie.’

Not shy of going into more detail. Emily continued: ‘Two enormous heads…veiny heads. So, I found that because I managed to produce a lot of milk I don't know why it helped me lose the weight.’

Emily's husband John Krasinski shared this adorable photo of their daughter Hazel
Emily's husband John Krasinski shared this adorable photo of their daughter Hazel

‘I could have been the wet nurse in medieval times because I could have fed the village while they all went to work.’

Emily gave birth to her and husband John Krasinski’s daughter Hazel in February.

The couple married in romantic ceremony 4 years ago in Como, Italy.

Emily gushed: ‘He is the greatest dad. He is just…she loves him, just loves him.’

‘He is like the burp king. He can just get a beer burp out of this kid. It even surprised her you can tell.’

‘She’s just stinking cute. Yeah, she’s so cute. She came out like ready for a photo shoot. She was like this…just perfect.’

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