Abbey Clancy reveals her diet secrets and what’s in her fridge

Abbey Clancy

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Abbey Clancy opens her fridge door for a chat with Closer

Where do you shop?

In my local Waitrose – I spend £150-£200 on a weekly shop.

What’s your typical diet?

I have yogurt, muesli and fruit for breakfast, then pasta, chicken and pesto for lunch. For dinner I might make a fish pie or a steak and kidney pudding. I snack on sweets, chocolate or shortbread with a cup of tea.

Abbey Clancy

What’s your diet tip?

I normally just cut out junk food when I want to shape up. Before a photo shoot I avoid stodge and eat food like fish and veg, which you can digest easily, so you don’t get a bloated stomach. Drinking lots of water helps, too.

What food can’t you live without?

Butter, which I love on toast or crumpets.

What three foods would you take to a desert island?

A packet of shortbread biscuits, honeyed parsnips and ham sandwiches.

What’s your top comfort food?

I love Pizza Hut’s ham and pineapple pizza, or a Victoria sponge.

What’s your favourite drink?

Camomile and spearmint herbal tea, which I drink for a great night’s sleep.

Nutritionist Barbara Wilson says:

“Abbey seems to enjoy old-fashioned food, like steak and kidney pudding and fish pie. These kinds of dishes tend to be full of fat and salt, not to mention a bit light on the vegetables! Abbey is right to lighten up her diet to avoid bloating. Her herbal tea is a great bedtime drink – camomile is a mild sedative, while spearmint aids digestion.”


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