How to: Use fake tan to tone your figure

We don't know about you but we always feel better with a tan. Learn these expert tips and tricks to help you use the fake stuff to trim and tone.


by Ellie Hooper |
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What you'll need:

St Moriz Tanning Mousse in Dark or Medium

A Tanning Mitt

An Exfoiliator

St Moriz Instant Wash Off Shimmer Tan

Make up contouring palette

Clean make up brush

Full length mirror with good lighting

The results are staggering
The results are staggering


The day before you contour, you should use an exfoiliator in the shower, moisturise well and then apply the ran once dry. Make sure you use a tanning mitt and apply in circular motions to avoid streaks. Leave the tan to develop overnight and then wash off in the morning.

Sculpted Stomach:

Tense your stomach muscles so you can see where they are.

Using the dark shade draw three vertical lines on either side of the abdomen and down the centre between the ribs - to give the illusion of a defined stomach.

Create the impression of abs by using the dark tan to crete small horizontal lines starting from just underneath the diaphragm and then under each ab.

Blend each line well feathering outwards to soften the effect.

Fake tan is safer than laying out in the sun

Enhance your cleavage:

Use the dark shade to create a line between the breasts

Form an arc sweeping up and around from the inside of each breast

Use highlighter on the inner top of each cup to make the busy look fuller and more voluptuous

Slim limbs:

Darken the inner thigh from bikini line down gradually fading towards the inner knee.

Use the lighter shade to draw an inch wide line down the top centre of each thigh and a centimetre wide line on the shin, feathering as you go to avoid stripes.

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