Top 10 ultimate concealer tricks

If there’s one thing that ages you more than anything, it’s dark or puffy circles under your eyes. So if there’s a make up trick you need to learn today it’s how to cover them effectively.

by Ellie Hooper |
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Make up artist Monica Richards from ModaMob explains her tips in this helpful video, where she lists the ten steps to a camouflaged under eye.

Firstly, the cold tea bag trick does wonders. Just place over the area for a couple of minutes and you’ll look noticeably refreshed.

Use an inverted triangle rather than a half moon shape

Secondly, moisturise the region well to prevent creasing.

Next you should apply any foundation that you usually would wear, followed by concealing the eyelid. Apply any eye make up you want, and then use a ‘corrector’ on the under eye.

The aim of these products is to neutralise the colour, bringing it back in line with the rest of your skin, before you put the cover up on.


Now is time to apply concealer using a dome shaped brush, but the way in which you apply it makes a huge difference to how you look.

Turns out, many of us are making the mistake of applying concealer in a ‘half moon’ shape under the eye - where the obvious discolouration lies.

But the best technique is actually an upside down triangle, with the concealer layered to get the desired level of coverage.

This is all finished off with a dusting of a yellow based powder, some highlighter on the cheekbones and you’re done.

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