Kelly Brook shares her beauty bag secrets

Always glowing and gorgeous, we ask model Kelly Brook to share with us mortals what keeps her looking groomed and lovely.

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Can you tell me a little more about your new fragrance? Were you involved in the composition and who helped you put it together?

I love fragrance and really wanted to create a beautiful, sexy, sophisticated scent. Audition was put together by myself and Kent Fragrances. I live in Kent and understand flowers and plants - I even used to make my own perfume as a little girl from rose petals.

What was the inspiration for your perfume?

I wanted confident women to inspire me. Women that would wear the perfume then step out the door and get what they wanted.

**How would you describe it? **

It's musky, sweet and sexy. It's great for day and night.

Who do you think will wear it and why?

I think a woman that works; a woman that has dreams and ambition. A woman who isn't afraid of reaching her full potential.

Where will it be stocked?

The Perfume Shop and Fragrance Shop

Kelly Brook is engaged to David McIntosh
Kelly Brook is engaged to David McIntosh

What beauty products can’t you live without and why?

At the moment it’s Simple E45 cream. All the travelling and season changes dry out my skin.

What’s your beauty regime like and how long does it take you to get ready - do you do your own makeup?

It takes me 25 mins to get ready day-to-day. Red Carpet at least 2 hrs. I prefer doing my own make up and I have got very good at it.

What are your top 5 make-up bag essentials?

Mascara, eyebrow pencil, Chanel foundation, Tom Ford bronzer, and a good contouring brush.

Kelly admires Kim Kardashian for her high-glamour look

Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Which celeb's style do you admire?

I admire women who constantly wear nice clothes and look finished. Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez - that high maintenance glamour look.

Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share with us?

Regular facials and massages. Plenty of sleep and drink alkaline balanced water.

**What’s your usual skin care routine and what’s your usual hair care routine, do you have any products you can’t live without? **

I use Yonka in my skin. I love their serums. So full cleanse time and moisturise and add a dollop of serum. Hair wise I'm loving Caviar hair care. My hair looks the best it's looked in ages.

What exercise do you do and how often? How important is it to you?

At the moment martial arts Krav Maga and ju jit su. It's fun learning while you train.

What’s the best health advice you've ever been given and try to live by?

Try and eat cooling foods like Cilantro and salads nothing too spicy. Our bodies are usually hot and bloated.

What's your ultimate healthy eating tip?

Cook your own food so you know what's going into it.

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