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Closer speaks to the Hollywood A-list squad to get the perfect tips for a Hollywood makeover


Stylist to the stars and dirctor of Pistol and Stamen Denise Weaver shares her top tips to get Hollywood dressing right every time.

  • Play to your strengths

First thing to do is go through silhouette that flatters your figure and show off your assets. If you have amazing legs, there are a lot of great mini dresses and slit style gowns to show off your pins.The perfect style dress also depends on your height and body type so be sure to showcase your figure and not overwhelm with fabric. Keep in mind the time of year as well. No one wants to show off sweaty patches on a chic satin silk crepe dress.

  • Pick the perfect shade

Black is flattering for everyone, however if you have a darker skin tone, you may want to accentuate your beautiful complexion with a bold color or metallics to really make things pop for a dramatic and pretty look. Lighter skin tones should avoid nudes because it accentuates how pale you are - unless you really like that look. However don’t get a spray tan if you plan to wear a light colored gown as the product may rub off causing a red carpet catastrophe.

  • Make a tailor your best friend

One of the most important things you can do is tailor your dress. Almost every dress that hits the red carpet has been altered which is why everyone looks so gorgeous in their gowns. The alteration process can seem a bit daunting but it’s really easy to find a local tailor that can take care of things. Small changes like a shorter hem or sleeve length, can make a big difference and take your dress from looking off the rack to couture. You can also always have things let out or taken in. Tailors can perform miracles, creating the perfect fit and look for the dress. I have seen so many women wearing gorgeous gowns but the bias or hemlines were just wrong and ruined a look you know they spent so much time on. Little things can make a big difference.

  • Perfection starts with the first layer

Don’t let undergarments ruin the look. The proper smoothing options can make or break the look of a dress. A few things to consider: VPL-proof underwear, proper smoothing garments (anything with a seam up the front will show through a tight dress), the correct bra style, and also duct tape. It may sound a bit odd to have duct tape under a chic dress but it certainly does the trick. Some bra styles just wont work with the dress design, so grab clear tape (it’s the easiest to hide) and a friend or two to help. One to hold the breast up, the other to place the tape over the middle of breast, and up over the shoulder. If strapless, wrap it around so it’s super snug. Doing this can really help to lift larger breasts too.

Amanda Seyfried teams a long statement necklace with her ball dress
Amanda Seyfried teams a long statement necklace with her ball dress ©Amanda Seyfried teams a long statement necklace with her ball dress
  • Only wear jewellery that you love and is true to your personality

Don’t get stuck on which jewellery pieces should go with a specific dress. These things are really personal. If you’re a jewellery officianato, you can definitely play up a plunging neckline with long body chains or use a cool chunky statement necklace to play up a higher neckline. For earrings, whether it's diamonds or a simple hoop or stud, whatever feels right is the perfect choice. Just be sure not to wear too heavy earrings (pulled earlobes never look nice!).

  • Confidence is key!

All these tips aside, the most important thing is how your look makes you feel. Confidence is what really makes people attractive, so be sure your outfit makes you feel amazing and have an awesome time!!


Celebrity hairdresser and Salon Science brand ambassador Andrew Jose gives us his top five tips

  • Keep it simple

When choosing a show stopping style, remember that less is more. If you have a statement gown, then keep the hair simple, if you have a simple gown then the hair can become more of a statement! Make sure that your event hair schedule incorporates your colour appointment, it is crucial to ensure your colour will be at its very best. Whether it’s a simple braid for decoration or a halo dutch braid for an on-trend and current looking statement, simply adding a plait can give a contemporary twist to a simple classic style.

Andrew Jose shows us how to get hair that stands out from the crowd
Andrew Jose tells us how to get hair that stands out from the crowd ©Andrew Jose shows us how to get hair that stands out from the crowd
  • Get your head geometry right

Do take into consideration head shape and the balance of your facial features when choosing a red carpet style. A style that is soft and flattering on most face shape is the low chignon or bun. Always tease hair at the crown to give volume and leave soft tendrils around the face. Soft waves and a side parting can take your style to the next level – a vintage take on a modern style looks timeless and chic.

  • Tap into your full potential

Volume is key when looking for that perfect hair design to take you confidently down the red carpet. It's crucial to use a prepping, priming volumising product that can seamlessly give your hair some dimension. Salon Science have launched a brand new SALON SCIENCE® THICKENING SERUM (£15.00 Boots) that is perfect for giving hair structure and hold, thickness and definition. You can use this product in dry hair by massaging into roots and mid lengths or damp hair – simply by blow drying it in with a round brush for that extra oomph.

Teasing (back combing) and dry shampoo are also a must-have when creating a red carpet style for creating grit, height, volume and staying power.

  • Always nourish

Healthy hair is key for an expensive look. Weekly treatments are essential to ensure strength and vitality from within for perfectly dressed out hair. I love the SALON SCIENCE® Swiss Apple CELLUTENSIVE™ Masque (£19.00) as it contains stem cells derived from a rare apple that helps to replenish and revive weak and fragile hair by protecting and nurturing stem cells from within the follicle, for stronger, healthier and younger looking hair. Always wash hair the day before putting it up to combat hair being too slippery. Apply SALON SCIENCE® Swiss Apple CELLUMAX™ Foam (£15.00) to damp hair at the roots

Flip hair over to one side and blow dry hair in that direction until 80% dry. Flip hair back over to the other side and blowdry again in the opposite direction to create maximum volume at the root

  • Slowly does it

Great hair takes time DON’T rush it! If you are creating the style yourself, practise your look as some techniques can be challenging. Trial your style the day before to get it right on the night.

Always carry an emergency fix kit, a couple of bobby pins, a small backcombing brush and a handbag sized hairspray is essential!


Hollywood hair stylist Lauren Clarke, who assisted Ben Skervin for Vanity Fair cover for Amy Adams, tells us how to create the infamous Hollywood wave

Create Amy Adams' Hollywood wave
Create Amy Adams' Hollywood wave ©Create Amy Adams' Hollywood wave
  • Make a deep part then section out the whole head into 3 sections. Top of the head down to each ear (leaving the back as one big section)

  • Take horizontal sections and wrap around the barrel. Make sure to use hairspray on each section. Set the curl using a prong clip keeping it close to the head.

  • Repeat step 2 until the entire head is set.

  • Once the hair has cooled, take out all the clips and use a wide toothed brush to soften the curls together.

  • Use a pomade or style cream on the ends for any frizz. I like Leneor Greyl Natural Eclat styling cream.

  • My favorite products I use are Oribe Gold Lust dry shampoo, Oribe Gold Pomade, Oribe Star Glow Styling Wax, Oribe Superfine hairspray and Leneor Greyl styling cream.


The King of Smiles and one of the UK’s leading celebrity dentists Dr Richard Marques tells us five tips on how to get whiter teeth

  • Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a natural teeth whitener and included in many toothpastes (such as the Arm&Hammer brands). Try mixing a quarter teaspoon of Baking Soda with water and applying this to the teeth with your toothbrush. Alternatively add the Baking Soda to a cheap toothpaste. It will not damage your teeth in any way but will make them look gradually whiter over time. Science-Baking Soda is a natural cleaning and oxidising agent.

Get whiter teeth and a brighter smile like Margot Robbie
Get whiter teeth and a brighter smile like Margot Robbie ©Get whiter teeth and a brighter smile like Margot Robbie
  • Eat strawberries

Due to the Malic acid these can naturally whiten your teeth. Science-Malic acid is a natural cleanser.

  • Warm salt water

It helps both whiten your teeth naturally and looks after your gums (as it is a natural antibacterial). Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm kettle boiled water (cool it down) and use it as mouthwash. Science-Salt is a natural antibacterial working by attacking bacterial cell walls.

  • Eat white foods

The whiter the foods you eat the whiter your teeth will be. Eat chicken, rice and fish. Avoid pigmented foods such as beetroot, blueberries, carrots and Chinese/Indian takeaway (which has lots of turmeric or food colourings). Science-white foods have no colourings. Food colourings stain teeth by binding to tooth surface.

  • Charcoal it up!

Charcoal is also another effective way to help clean and whiten your teeth. It’s a 100% natural tooth polish made from activated coconut shell charcoal. It strengths gums, removes toxins from the mouth and absorbs bacteria and is affordable – Diamond Whites for example offers this for only £13.99 from Superdrug


Hollywood spray tanner to the stars Katrina Brown tells us how to look like a bronzed goddess...with a bit of clever fakery!

  • Never OD

Don't overdoes on tan, go for a more subtle glow only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

  • Moisturise

Dry skin is not a good look. Always moisturize and illuminate the skin. I love the Australian brand, Bondi Sands liquid gold mixed with a some of your moisturizer. It is a dry oil which hydrates and illuminates the skin.

Katrina Brown says you can use fake tan to get that glowing look
Katrina Brown says you can use fake tan to get that glowing look ©Katrina Brown says you can use fake tan to get that glowing look
  • Exfoliate

Prep your skin by exfoliating the evening before your tan appointment so that your pores are closed and not open so there is not tan build up in your skin.

  • Remember hands and feet

Too much tan on these areas are the tell tale signs of a spray tan. So moisturize these areas before you tan or apply tan very slightly in these areas.

  • Shower

Allow a few showers before your rock the red carpet so you ensure all the bronzer has washed off your skin and so there is not chance of tan transfer to your dress. i.e tan a day prior to the event.


Celebrity semi-permanent make-up artist Tracie Giles ( let's us know how to work killer eyebrows

  • To find the perfect proportions for your brows.

Use the Indelible Brow Dimensions measure – a low-grade adhesive template that sticks to the skin to help you achieve an accurate and symmetrical result

Megan Fox shows us how to rock a strong brow
Megan Fox shows us how to rock a strong brow ©Megan Fox shows us how to rock a strong brow
  • Outline your pluck line

Use a white pencil to outline your brows to clearly show the hair to be removed, and then wipe away once plucked. This way you won’t go overboard and accidentally take too much away, a cardinal sin of brow shaping!

  • Olive oil up!

Use a small amount of olive oil on your brows at night to keep the brow hair moisturised and strong. The more natural brow hair you have, the more you have to work with when styling.

  • Don’t over-pluck!

The trend for Pamela Anderson-style super thin brows in the 80s and 90s has meant that we see hundreds of women whose brows just haven’t grown back. Don’t be overzealous with the tweezers.

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