How to cover acne with make up

If you suffer with acne, you’ll know the difficulties of trying to conceal angry, red skin that is often flaky or pustular.


by Ellie Hooper |
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It’s difficult to get the balance right between looking glowing and fresh faced, without exacerbating the bad skin.

One blogger, Carly Humbert, has come up with a solution - showing how she transforms her bare face into a perfectly concealed masterpiece.

Carly Humbert’s preferred products are:

Use Cetaphil moisturiser after you’ve cleansed - this is a great non irritating, non pore-clogging option for acne sufferers.

Use a colour correcting primer or pore shrinking primer - green ones are great for acne sufferers as it takes all the red out of the skin.

Liole BB cream

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

Studio Fix Powder

Her secret weapon is a beauty blender that she uses to dab and press the foundation into the skin, leaving a flawless finish.

This routine is great for lighter skins, but dark skin creates a different issue. Luckily blogger Omabelle has come up with her own tutorial to show how to cover acne on dark skins.

Omabelle shows off her before and after
Omabelle shows off her before and after

Omabelle swears by:

MAC Oil Control lotion after cleansing and moisturising which she then follows up with make up forever concealer palette.

She uses orange tones from the palette to conceal dark spots.

After doing this, Omabelle applied MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which she blends with a make up sponge.

Already you can see how much better her skin looks, and her spots have completely disappeared.

Then using MAC studio fix concealer cover any remaining visibly spots and blend using the stippling motion.

Omabelle finishes the look with a lighter concealer by L.A. girl on under eye circles.

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