Real-Life Mums Share Their Top Tips For Unwinding

Busy mums need some 'me time', too.

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Looking after babies or small children, plus juggling a job and social life can all get a bit exhausting, right? Us mums are often busy looking after everyone around us (husbands included!) and as a result, we can often feel worn down and stressed.

So, we quizzed some real-life mums on how they take the time out of their busy schedules to rejuvenate their batteries, and keep stress levels low. After all, we all need a bit of TLC every now and then...

1. Be kind to yourself

"Perhaps one of the most important things I've learnt since becoming a mum is to be kind to yourself. I'm often thinking of the people around me, and how I can improve their mood or make their day that little bit easier, so why shouldn't I give myself that same amount of attention? I like to practice self-love by saying positive affirmations to myself to promote positivity. I even follow positive and funny Instagram accounts that share relatable quotes - these often put a smile on my face or make me giggle on my way into work," says Runa Shin, 44.

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2. Book in some regular 'me time'

"Being a mum means you're often pulled in a million and one different directions. This is why it's important to regularly book in some 'me time' in your calendar (either alone or with your best friends). This can be 10 minutes a morning for meditation, or an hour once a week to give yourself a feel-good bouncy blow-dry," says Tina Yunn, 48. This little bit of personal time will really help you relax and recharge - plus taking the time to look after your appearance will help you avoid a hair burnout (strands that look stressed, dry and damaged), too!

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3. Indulge in that naughty takeaway

"I love getting a takeaway once a week - it's my guilty pleasure! As well as having a little something to look forward to, it also gives me the night off cooking, which is a bonus. Plus, you don't even have to order anything unhealthy - it can be a healthy fish and peas, or some grilled meat and salad. Although I'm beginning to think that the local fish and chip shop know me on a first name basis..." says Shona Willins, 43.

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4. Meet up with some mums!

"Some of my friends don't have children, but I have made lots of new friendships with all of the mums at my son's school. I like to meet up with them for a coffee once a week just to be around likeminded people. We always pencil time in before picking the kids up from school, and we have a good old gossip, share advice and even moan from time-to-time - it's great!" says Rebecca Conne, 39.

5. Look after your health

"I'm quite prone to falling ill, because my toddler is always catching things from nursery. Now, I really try to look after myself so that I'm not under-the-weather, because looking after a young child when you're feeling crappy isn't great. To do this I make sure I take vitamins and supplements, get a good night's sleep and wash my hands regularly to avoid catching any nasty illnesses. Having even 7/8 hours of sleep per night has really made me feel so much better," says Lily Beaunt, 35.

6. Get lost in a book or TV show

"Getting stuck into a really good book or TV show is so relaxing and really lets your mind rest. At the moment, I'm SUPER into Bodyguard and Killing Eve - they're so gripping, plus they're on late at night so I can watch them once I've put the kids to bed. And of course my all-time favourite show to watch when I really want to unwind is Friends. I've seen the episodes a thousand times before, but they never fail to put me in a good mood!" - Charlotte Calle, 34.

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