Megan McKenna shows off ‘f-ck off’ new hair

And looks, frankly, incredible

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Reality star and singer Megan McKenna has come a long way since her first appearance on The Only Way is Essex, and over the years, she's switched up her style from true Essex gal to experimental country girl. Her transformation has also seen her go from bouncy brunette to bleach blonde hair and it's clear to see this gal looks gorgeous with every colour and style she's had. Oh, the hair envy.

Megan's recent hair makeover is possibly our favourite yet, though, as she's gone and got herself a short choppy fringe. AKA the riskiest move in the hair world. Taking to Instagram, Megan shared a series of FIRE selfies showing off her new do. She captioned the post, "You and your fringe can f-ck off."

If you're a true Megan McKenna fan, you'll know the caption is a reference to a frankly ICONIC moment in TOWIE when Megan told Lydia Bright that "she and her f-cking fringe can f-ck off" during an argument with Chloe Lewis six years ago. Honestly, those were the days.

Megan's followers were quick to comment on her hair change, with writing, "😂😂😂 classic. Looks 🔥 on you tho."

Another commented, "Omg i looooove. This makes me want to get one❤️."

Some even compared her to Pamela Anderson, "You give me real Pamela Anderson vibes 🥰❤️."

It's clear to see Megan's hair certainly made an impression with fans and fellow celebs alike, with reality stars Ferne McCann and Megan Barton-Hanson also commenting, 'OMG YES' and 'Omg love this 😍😍😍' on the Instagram post.

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And while there's been a lot of positive comments on her new 'do, there have also been concerns that the star might have 'ruined' her hair. One commenter said: "My hairdressers refuse to do this on my hair, says it'll be ruined."

Caring for blonde hair can be high maintenance, especially because the upkeep of darker roots means a round of bleach pretty much every few weeks, but how damaging IS bleach for your hair?

We spoke to a celebrity hairstylist who gave her insight on bleaching and how to prevent damage when going blonde.

Does bleaching really ruin your hair?

We asked award-winning hairstylist, Tasha Stevens, the Colour Director at Jamie Stevens Salons (@jamiestevenshair) whether bleach really does ruin your hair and how to minimise any damage.

As well as winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, she's also worked with The X Factor and Little Mix to achieve fabulous hair, so she definitely knows her stuff. Here's what the colour expert had to say.

'Clients are sometimes led to believe that bleaching their hair is very damaging and will ruin it. But when done correctly, pre-lightened hair can still maintain its shine and softness.

Pre-lighteners (bleach) have developed over the last few years with many condition enhancing ingredients, which is much kinder for the hair so that it's not over processed.'

How do you prevent damage when bleaching?

'Being realistic with your shade goal and a time frame is key to keeping the hair healthy. Prelightening over a few appointments can also help keep the hair at optimal condition.' Tasha told us.

'This might mean that it isn’t the colour you want straight away (especially if you’re coming from a darker shade), but it’s better to accept that for a few weeks and take it slowly rather than rush and cause damage.'

'At home care is crucial for keeping the hair in optimal condition and you must use products that will help with smoothing and hydration.

Toning shampoos such as silver or purple shampoos eliminate any brassy or yellow tones keeping the freshness of the blonde for longer.

In between appointments we recommend visiting the salon for a refresh toner and treatment which will further safeguard the colour and condition.'

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