How to get the slicked back look

It’s the hair style that’s been swamping the red carpets this award season. Now you can recreate this glamorous look at home!


by Fiona Day |
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From Rita Ora to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, it seems that EVERYONE is trying the slicked back look.

But how do you make yourself look glamourous and red-carpet-ready rather than like you’ve dipped your head in a greasy chip pan?

Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott

Celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington told "It's a clean, fresh and very simple look, but yes, you need to be careful of it looking greased back, rather than slick.

"It's best to start by combing your hair back while it's still damp, then spray lots of hairspray over it, until it's almost wet with hairspray.

Mollie King

"Then when it's dry, you'll be left with that slicked back look plus a little volume thanks to the spray, rather than a waxy greased effect."

Charles added: "I tend to put a few clips behind the ears too to help hold it back!"

Step 1

Wash your hair and condition well, paying close attention to the ends

Step 2

Towel dry your hair and comb back when it’s still a bit damp

Step 3

Spray plenty of hairspray over the roots to hold into place. For particularly unruly hair use a tiny drop of mouse.

Step 4

Secure the sections above the ears with kirby grips to finish your hair look.

Rita Ora eat your heart out!

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