19 things only people who wear clip in hair extensions will understand

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by A Jakes |
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Some of us aren’t as blessed in the hair department. We all have that one friend who will dramatically sigh, ‘My hair just won’t stop growing!’ or ‘I need to have my haircut… again… I only had it chopped last Saturday!’ until we would quite like to strangle them with their own swishy, shiny hair. Joking! But it really is annoying.

If you don’t have hair down to your belly button you may have had a go at faking long locks with clip in hair extensions, which in minutes can transform you into a goddess that wouldn’t look out of place on Tangeled. Or Towie.

Here are 19 things you will ONLY understand if you wear clip in hair extensions.

1. Colour-matching your extensions to your real hair is nearly impossible

My roots are black, the midlengths are white blonde and my ends are golden. Under the bathroom light my hair is platinum and when I look in my bedroom mirror, my hair looks mousy. Oh.

2. When you first put your extensions in, your head feels really heavy

'Will my neck snap under all this weave?'

3) Then you clip one of the hair pieces in at the wrong angle and nearly cry with pain

Beauty hurts, right?

4. All this is forgotten because you then you walk down the street and can tell Sue from next door has mistaken you for a celeb

You look SO GOOD.

5. Now every occasion is an excuse for a selfie

'Take a picture of me next to the fountain!' 'Shall we have a group photo?' 'Quick get in my Snapchat selfie!'

6) 95% of your time is spent rearranging your hair so clips don’t show

Any sudden movements could prove fatal.

7) Wearing your hair in a high ponytail is out of the question

Otherwise everyone will see the clips and KNOW you’re faking

8) All your birthdays and Christmasses and Easters come at once when someone asks how you grew your hair so long

And you definitely don’t correct them.

9) Your partner has walked into the horrifying scene of your hair pieces drying on the radiator

But knows not to ask any questions

10) The rain can ruin your entire day.

Not because you’ve left the washing on the line, but because hair extensions and water do not mix. WHERE IS MY BROLLY.

11) You're talk to someone and mid-conversation, a hair extension piece falls out into your drink

And it’s always infront of someone you fancy/hate

12) When you take your extensions out you feel bald

You avoid the mirror at all costs.

13) If you get into a new relationship, you have to sit them down to discuss the hair situation

And explain it’s like dating two different people

14) There is horror and then there is the moment when someone trys to run their fingers through your hair

The look of confusion on their face is priceless.

15) All your spontaneity goes out the window

It takes me at least an hour to comb, straighten and then put in my extenstions! Don’t even get me started on blending!

16) You fantasise about dying your hair a funky pastel pink or grey

But not being able to 'cos. Colour-matching.

17) Only telling a handful of people about your hair extensions and making them swear to keep it hush

You could count the people on one hand who you've let into your little secret.

18) Spending more time, love and attention on your hair then your S.O

But babe, it's my hair! It needs me!

19) Your Instagram has never had so many likes

Who needs avocado toast and gym selfies, when your hair looks like this?!

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