The best non-sticky mousses for curly hair

Crunch? Who is she? It's all volume and definition over here.

best mousses for curly hair

by Louella Berryman |
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When you hear the word "mousse" you'd be forgiven for being taken back to the 1980s to crispy perms and stiff styles. Nowadays, though, the mousse game has improved considerably, and honestly, if you've got curly hair it should be a staple in your haircare routine.

How do I apply mousse to curly hair?

They're best applied on wet hair, straight from the shower (yep, that means no brushing or towel drying), before styling with a diffuser or air drying. You'll need an egg shaped amount of mousse squirted into your hand for short hair, and slightly more for longer tresses. Scrunch into your curls at the roots for volume, and the ends for definition.

What's the best mousse for curly hair?

Now you've had the 101 on how to apply your mousse, it's about time you found the best one to use. We've searched high and low for all sorts of mousses, for fine curls to think ones and even curly haired people braving the curly girl method. Check them out below...

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If you've got fine hair that's easily weighed down with products, this mousse is the answer to your prayers. It revives fine curls and is great for in-between wash days too. Plus it has a lovely, subtle, non-overpowering scent.


  • Easy to use
  • Great control for fine hair


  • Slightly perfumey
  • Can leave hair feeling slightly harder than other products

Price: $34.99

Bed Head products are used in hair salons for a reason - they're bloomin' good. The Foxy Curls mousse from Bed Head is great for creating shape and volume without creating crunchy curls.


  • Holds curls well
  • Salon approved


  • Only slightly sticky
  • Not suitable for afro hair

Bumble and Bumble have delivered with this Curl Conditioning Mousse. With curl enhancing bonds and Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins in its formula to protect hair from humidity, the durable mousse keeps curls together regardless of moisture in the air.


  • Movable finish
  • Defines curls


  • More expensive than some others
  • May not work on frizz as intended

Is mousse good for curly hair?

Yes - even if you're doing "no-poo" or the curly girl method, you can still use a mousse on your hair.

If you're worried about product weighing your curls down, a mousse is a great option because it's lighter than a cream and you can even get mousses specifically formulated for fine hair.

You can even use a mousse to revive your curls on a non-wash day - simply run a small amount of mousse through the ends of your hair after wetting slightly.

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