Alesha Dixon’s Beauty Secrets

The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed the secrets behind her glowing skin and flawless make up look.


by Ellie Hooper |
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What’s your sort of skincare regime like? What sort of products do you swear by to look after your skin?

I love Sisley moisturizing cream. I use that pretty much every day before I put my make-up on. I always use make up wipes at night to take my make up off as that’s really important.

I tend to give my face a break from everything completely every so often. And also sometimes I use vitamin E oil or coconut oil just to really nourish my skin. I like to keep it quite simple. I don’t do anything overly fancy to my skin, and I have been blessed in the fact that I do have good skin.


What are your hero products?

Hero products would probably be Sisley lip balm, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, and Real Lash mascara from Mac. That’s it.

When you’re filming you have to wear a lot of make up, do you like to give your skin a break on days off?

Yeah, I tend not to wear make up on my days off unless, you know, I’m going out for dinner or whatever. But I use quite light make-up, I tend to use foundation, a bit of blusher, a nice lip liner, and some mascara, but I won’t pile it on. If I’m not going out I’m quite happy to go fresh-faced.

You’ve got amazing skin, have you ever had any worries with it or any skin problems you’ve had to overcome, or have you always been quite naturally blessed?

I have to say I’m quite lucky that my skin has always been quite normal. I’ve never had particularly oily skin, and I tend to be able to get away with using quite a variety of products, like I’ve never had an issue in terms of, you know some people you might wear a make up brand and your skin might react to it.

How do you add the glamour factor for a night out?

Well, I’m really bad at putting on false eyelashes. Unless my make up artist is doing it I don’t bother with any of that. I quite like my natural lashes anyway so I don’t think you always have to have false eye-lashes on, I think they’re a lovely addition when you’re on screen, but they’re not a necessity for me. If I’m going to do my own make up I’d probably do a statement lip, like I’d do a red lip or a berry lip, you know, and make that my look.

One more thing, do you go in for any regular beauty treatments? Do you have a particular facial that you like, for instance?

If I treat myself it’s probably more likely to be a massage. You know what, I’m going to treat myself next week, I’m going to a spa for a day, and I am going to get a facial because I don’t get them regularly, but every time I’ve had them I’ve absolutely loved them. And they do make a difference, for sure.

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