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Discover tasty snacks that will fill you with energy despite their small size.

Tasty protein bars

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Always find yourself running out the door without eating breakfast? Try one of these protein bars! Find yourself hungry in the afternoon and need something that will revitalise you until dinner? Grab a protein bar! Suddenly wake up at 2am and fancy a bite to eat? You guessed it, protein bars!

Yet with so many brands and flavours it can be hard to work out which bars make the cut. Luckily, we’ve done all the testing so you don’t have to! Perfect at any time of the day or night, before or after workouts, the following bars are packed full of protein and don’t scrimp on taste. We do receive commission for purchases made through our links.


Best protein bars

Grenade Carb Killa Selection Box, 12 Pack £18.991 of 5

Grenade Carb Killa Selection Box, 12 Pack,

Sometimes, you just can't predict what sort of snack you'll fancy. Cookie dough, birthday cake or perhaps some fudge brownie? With this selection box you can get the pick of all these flavours and more! That's right, you can now enjoy the taste of cookies and cream without any of the guilt. With six glorious flavours full of protein and fibre to choose from you'll never be left hungry. Each bar contains less than 2g of sugar but the coatings of chocolate and thick layers of caramel sure don't seem like it. amazon.co.uk

PhD Smart Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 12 Pack £14.992 of 5

PhD Smart Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 12 Pack

If you often find yourself reaching for chocolate bars but want something a little healthier, opt for this PhD Smart Bar. A soft protein centre is encased in gooey caramel and protein crunchies. To top it all off, the outside is covered in gorgeous, smooth chocolate. Each bar is packed with 20g of protein, less than 2.1g of sugar and is completely macro-friendly. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment, as these bars are 100% free of palm oil, unlike many alternatives. And if none of this has convinced you, maybe we can tempt you with the multi-use nature of this bar. It can be crumbled on to pancakes, ice cream or overnight oats for a protein power up. amazon.co.uk

RXBAR Blueberry Real Food Protein Bar, 12 Pack  £27.003 of 5

RXBAR Blueberry Real Food Protein Bar, 12 Pack

Self-proclaimed 'no B.S', RXBAR makes simple but scrumptious protein bars that contain only five ingredients. All natural flavourings and no sugar, no added preservatives or colours and, basically, no rubbish. They're also gluten and dairy free. While most bars use milk as their base protein, RXBAR uses a combination of eggs and nuts. Egg whites are cholesterol-free and their protein is easily and quickly absorbed by the body, making them an unexpected but ideal choice for a protein bar. Nuts, on the other hand, are superfoods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as protein. We think the Blueberry flavour is best but if that's not your style you'll be happy to hear that this bar is also available in Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sea Salt varieties. amazon.co.uk

Protein Nut Bar Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, 16 Pack, £13.284 of 5

Protein Nut Bar Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, 16 Pack

Trek, as the name suggests, makes for a great snack to take on a hike. Munch on this as you make those final steps to the top of Mount Everest and your energy will come flooding back. Are we being a little too ambitious? Hmm, maybe we'll eat this protein bar as we wander round the local park instead. Regardless, this flavour combination is delightful and compliments the base of mixed nuts wonderfully. This is a bit different to the majority of protein bars on the market. If you find other options with their 'perfect post-workout' claims slightly intimidating then this is the one for you. amazon.co.uk

My Protein 6 Layer Protein Bar, 12 Pack  £23.995 of 5

My Protein 6 Layer Protein Bar, 12 Pack

Picture this. Six decadent layers of cake topped with hundreds and thousands. Your mouth waters just thinking about it. And when you take a bite… pure bliss. This bar tastes so indulgent that you'll be forgiven for thinking it's bad for you. In reality, this Birthday Cake flavoured protein bar contains 20g of protein, 9g of fibre and 18g of carbohydrates. Essential minerals such as copper and calcium are also included so each bite is bursting with benefits. You can enjoy them pre or post workout but we guarantee you'll find yourself reaching for one whenever those sugar cravings kick in. myprotein.com


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