The best home waxing kits to achieve salon-worthy results

It's time to become your own personal beautician with at-home waxing...

best home wax kit

by Louella Berryman |

If you fancy getting into some serious hair removal at home, waxing kits are something you might need to do a little bit of research on to avoid disastrous results. With its quick hair removal, this is the method if efficiency is what you're after. Be aware though, that it does hurt - maybe just a little...

There's a whole load of options out there that all have their separate methods, tips and tricks. From hair removal cream and shaving to epilators and waxing or even sugaring, the options and information can be overwhelming. Every person is different so where epilating might work for one person, waxing may be good for another. By testing and trialling what works for you, you'll be a hair removal expert in no time.

We've chatted to Nair's leading facialist and skincare expert Charlotte Connoley about her top tips for a successful at-home wax, so we've got you covered.

Charlotte says: "Waxing at home is an easy and effective way to keep up with your beauty maintenance in your own time and will save you money in the long run."

But it's important to make sure you take your time and prep properly. "Prep and practice is the key to a flawless wax. Ensure you have your products and tools to hand and make sure the hairs are the correct length and not too short," says Charlotte.

If you're after some of the best at-home kits to practise your waxing skills, we've also brought together some of the top-rated sets available online, from Amazon to Superdrug.

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Where to buy the best home waxing kits 2022

best home waxing kits Mylee Complete Waxing Kit
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CREDIT: Amazon

Mylee provides wax for salons and professional waxers, so you'll be in good hands. The tea tree infused creme wax in this kit has antibacterial properties, helping to minimise ingrown hairs. With 3,250 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars, this kit is a steal.

Review: "Very high-quality waxing kit. I bought another one from amazon last time but it gave me a rash for some reason. But when I used this tea tree wax it was very soothing and removes all the hair effortlessly! I was surprised to see the size and consistency of the pre and aftercare lotions, really good it made me feel all pampered. I would HIGHLY recommend these products."

Tress Wellness Waxing Kit
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CREDIT: amazon

Apart from the complete satisfaction that you'll get from watching the wax beads melt in your wax heater, this kit is also the best way to imitate a professional wax from the comfort of your home. It includes five bean bags, 20 waxing sticks, 10 eyebrow waxing strips, as well as a digital heater displaying exact temperatures.

Review: "I don't usually leave reviews, but this is amazing. I used it for the first time today. I normally use cold wax which is a sticky mess. This I found very easy to use no mess and did a fantastic job. Will be using it again."

best home waxing kits
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CREDIT: Superdrug

This waxing kit is a

superb value - it contains reusable strips, an argan-infused pre-wax soap and 100 per cent natural sugar wax. Any residue washes off easily and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Review: "I've never had a professional leg wax so I can't compare to that but I found this product so easy to use and my legs feel silky smooth afterwards. I love that it's sugar-based and any mess can be easily washed away. My skin isn't irritated afterwards, just a bit tingly as to be expected. This wax is actually less painful than other DIY products I've tried! Overall I am so pleased and will purchase again."

best home waxing kits
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CREDIT: Amazon

This sugar wax is a great vegan option. The 100 per cent vegan wax is water-soluble, so you shouldn't be left with any nasty residue. It's free from additives, resins and citric acid and comes with biodegradable, reusable strips.

Review: "I finally found the wax I've been looking for! This is the kind of was we used back home, with no mess, no skin irritation and easy to clean. Easy to warm up, come with reusable strips, it removed all my hair from my legs with no fuss. Usually with other waxes, by the second or third week I notice hair growth because they break the hair, this is my 3rd week using this sugar wax and no growth yet! After that, you just wash off the wax and the strips. I have sensitive skin and usually what rashes, but not with this wax. Very happy and will purchase again!"

best home waxing kits
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CREDIT: amazon

If Brazilian waxing's your game, you have to try this wax kit. It specifically targets coarse hairs and leaves a smooth, surprisingly hydrating finish. It's a strip-free wax, so you'll need to apply quite a thick layer of this one to be able to grab the end.

Review: "By far the best wax I've ever used. As painless(?!) as wax can be, gets out all types of hair with minimal discomfort. Gentle enough for brows and face, but durable enough for tougher hairs like bikini/underarms. A little goes a long way, but you must get the consistency right through trial and error - I heat it until liquid forms and then put my warmer on low and start using it from honey-like consistency."

best home waxing kits
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CREDIT: amazon

Nair has always been a go-to for hair removal, and we love these super easy strips. They're infused with coconut oil, leaving skin soft, and they're really easy to use. No warming or prep involved, low maintenance, just how we like it.

Review: "I usually get waxed professionally but due to the current situation I'm unable to do so, therefore, I bought these. Each strip could be used twice before it was no longer effective & so far it has lasted 2 weeks with no regrowth so I'm very happy."

best home waxing kits Veet Essential Oils and Floral Vanilla Warm Wax
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CREDIT: Amazon

Veet is another household name when it comes to hair removal, and this microwaveable wax is a great option for an at-home wax. It's enriched with essential oils and is perfect for legs, bikini and underarm areas.

Review: "This wax is brilliant for first-time waxers. The wax simply needs to be heated up in the microwave and can be used 3 times to remove hair on the bottom half of the legs. There are plenty of strips that come with the product that can be washed in warm water and reused, and the wooden spreader has a handy indicator on it to tell you if the wax is too warm for your skin. So far I have used it on my legs and it removed all of the hairs with no problems. The only issue that may happen is that it doesn't remove hairs when the wax is spread too thinly but that is due to user error."

best home waxing kits Rio Total Body Waxing Hair Removal Kit
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Another great option for a salon-feel wax is this set from Argos. It has rave reviews and can handle two types of wax, soft or hard, depending on your preference. The kit includes a heater, wax, spatulas, wax strips and a tutorial DVD.

Review: "Absolutely love the wax heater! I don't know why I didn't get one sooner. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a salon-standard outcome at home! Great product, easy to use and easy to clean."

best home waxing kits Parissa Hot Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Kit with Strip Free Hard Wax
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CREDIT: Amazon

This strip-less wax has almost 4,522 raving reviews on Amazon, so we're pretty sure it's a knockout product. This set is particularly great for sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini area and face.

Review: "I have been getting waxed in salons for years. However, where I am now based, nobody can seem to wax efficiently so I decided to DIY wax on myself. I usually go for Brazilians so I used this ALL over. 100% less painful than in a salon. Also dries faster than white wax in salons! I have 0 blisters or red bumps which was a first in 8 years and it has been the most satisfying and relaxing experience I have ever had with waxing. This, girls, is the key to happiness. BUT DON'T FORGET THE OIL!!! Thank you so much."


At-home waxing tips from skincare expert Charlotte Connoley

Shower before you wax: "A warm shower will help to cleanse the skin of any natural oils before waxing, ensuring the product clings to the hair far better. The heat of the shower will open the pores making the hairs easier to remove. The skin should be clean, clear and dry before waxing."

Hair should be 4-5mm: "The longer the hair the easier and painless it will be to remove. It shouldn’t be too short or the wax won’t be able to meet the root of the hair."

Avoid irritants post-wax: "Immediately after waxing the skin can become slightly sensitive. Avoid sunbathing or any heat treatments such as saunas, steam rooms, hot baths and swimming as they can irritate the skin. Applying deodorant, self-tan or makeup should be avoided for 24 hours."

Skin preparation is key: "Make sure the top layer of the skin is fully exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells and free ingrown hairs. This can be achieved by dry body brushing or using a manual exfoliating product in the shower or bath. Exfoliating the skin should be carried out 24 hours before any waxing. This ensures that there is no redness, irritation or skin sensitivity before waxing."

Practice makes perfect: "Practice your technique on the legs before you move on to trickier areas."

Exfoliate between waxes: "Exfoliating the skin in-between waxing will encourage new hairs to grow upwards rather than sideways, which is the cause of ingrown hairs. Nourishing and hydrating the skin after every shower or bath will keep the skin soft. This means easier and painless waxing in the future."

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