14 reasons why Ian Beale is the perfect man

ian and tanya

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Ian Beale is Walford’s biggest catch. There. I said it.

Forget ‘alriiiite darling’ slurring Mick Carter and forget Weird-Crush-winner-two-years-on-the-trot Max Branning. Ian Beale maybe the Square’s biggest square, but squares are dependable, won’t hurt you (too much) and sit nicely on your shelf.

It's not just me, okay. You feel it too. You are just nervous you will be labeled as a Beale-iber by your friends.

ian beale perfect man

A lad even went on E4's Tattoo Fixers after getting Ian's face etched on to her actual arm. Ian Beale is great. Maybe don't get a tattoo of him though, that is a little bit creepy. Instead binge on this listical in ode to the best man on telly.

Here are 14 reasons why Ian Beale is the best.

1. Have you seen his CV?!

Ian beale perfect man

At one time or another he has owned probably 89% of Albert Square's businesses including Bridge Street cafe, a market stall and a chippy. Alan Sugar would be impressed. A Beale-onaire in the making?

2. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Ian beale perfect man

Or add extra salt and vinegar to your chips! What a man.

3. He can work facial hair

Ian beale perfect man

Which of course, is very important.

4. He got his head flushed down the loo by Phill Mitchell and SURVIVED.

Ian beale perfect man

What a warrior.

5. He knows how to relax in style

Ian beale

AKA In a hot tub with a Prosecco flute and chips. Who needs Ibiza?

6. He’s reliable

Ian Beale married

He has been pottering around Walford since 1985! That’s 36 Christmases he has survived, which in ‘Endersland should win him a trophy, or at least a pint at The Vic.

7. He’s in touch with his emotions.

Ian beale perfect man

He is also pinker then Phil Mitchell which is an achievement in itself.

8. He will always check if you fancy a bacon sarnie the next day

ian and tanya

What a gent.

9. Ian has already had his...erm...bad boy stage.

ian beale perfect man

We don't need to remind you of the Beale and Janine saga... At least, his rebellious phase is well and truly over.

10. He knows what it's like to have nothing

ian beale perfect man

And built his way back up to the top. BRAVO BEALE. We love the shaggy chic look.

11. He isn't afraid of commitment

Ian Beale married

The lothario has been married five times to four women. Ross Gellar is that you?

12. He can keep a secret

ian beale perfect man

Even if it is covering up the murder details of his daughter so that Max got arrested and Jane ended up in hospital. Wait, what? I thought this was a positive list... My bad.

Where was I?

13. He looks after Jane especially when she really needs it

ian beale perfect man

He is a big ole softie!

14. He is a natural at shmizing

ian beale perfect man

Corrrrr. Someone call Tyra Banks.

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