Romantic husband tells wife the 100 reasons he love her over 100 days

Using post-it notes, this husband has vowed to tell his wife something he loves about her every day for 100 days. How romantic!


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Jesse Ben Hale, from Kansas, has decided to shun flowers and chocolates for something far more meaningful this Valentine's day.

And so he's going to tell her that he loves her every day for 100 days, with reasons why she's so special scribbled on 100 Post-it notes.

Day 1 begins with "you are more beautiful than I could ever imagine" and, as the days go by, the reasons vary from the ouching and insightful to the silly and funny.


He's uploaded the video of himself writing the notes to Give It 100, a website which encourages people to try something creative, and it's seriously cute.

Check it out:

"You secretly like cats" is, quite possibly, our absolute favourite.

Would you love your partner to do this for you? What's the most romantic gift you've ever received? Let us know via the Comments Box below now.

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