Why this mum-to-be’s ‘terrifying’ ultrasound photo has gone viral


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |

The unusual photo has garnered a LOT of attention online

When you’re expecting, getting your first ultrasound scan is very exciting. It’s the first chance you get to see your little one, and it can be a very emotional experience. These days, the technology used is far more advanced than it used to be, meaning parents can now see their baby from different angles, get 4D images and even obtain a recording of their bundle of joy.

But for one mum-to-be, the picture from her scan was not what she was expecting. Labelling the funny snap ‘terrifying’, Sharni Turner from Australia uploaded the photo onto Twitter to share it with her fans – and as a result, the unusual scan has gone viral.

And once you take a look at it, you’ll see why…

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It has been retweeted 11,000 times and liked over 31,000 times – but why?

Take a look for yourself…

Captioning the photo, Sharni wrote: “My ultrasound technician decided to do a front face image of my baby and it was the most terrifying thing [I’ve] ever seen in my f****** LIFE!’

ultrasound scan
Sharni poked fun at her ultrasound scan, calling it 'terrifying' ©Sharni Turner

The scan, which captured her little one face-on instead of the usual baby side profile that many of us are used to seeing, has been confusing, scaring and making those on Twitter laugh.

Sharni was clearly making a joke about the unsual photo, as she followed up the original tweet with this meme, captioned: “When he became the winning sperm.”

ultrasound scan
The mum-to-be continued to joke about the picture ©Sharni Turner

Ignoring the trolls who left disgusting comments, she took the time to share someone else’s hilarious meme, writing: “THIS IS THE BEST ONE I’VE GOTTEN THANK YOU!”

ultrasound scan
The memes came flooding in ©Sharni Turner

Following all the attention, Sharni later tweeted a photo of her baby’s side profile, just to assure her followers that he is actually a very healthy little boy – and that he is actually very cute.

ultrasound scan
This is the angle that most people are used to seeing ©Sharni Turner

“Thankfully he’s a lot cuter from the side,” she joked.

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