Devoted couple who never spent a day apart in 68 years, die within hours of one another

A married couple who never spent a day away from one another in 68 years have died just hours apart.


by Ellie Hooper |

George Doughty, 91, was in intensive care with a chest infection when his wife Dorothy, 92, died suddenly.

The elderly man then passed away just a few hours later - before he knew his wife had been admitted to hospital.

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The couple met after Mrs Doughton became a widow in the second world war
The couple met after Mrs Doughton became a widow in the second world war

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Mr and Mrs Doughty met in Greater Manchester, after Mrs Doughty's first husband died during the Second World War.

Following his death, Mr Doughty wrote to his future wife, giving his commiserations to the young widow on her partner's untimely passing.

After corresponding by letter, Mr Doughty arranged to travel to her home town to meet her. Greeting each other at Manchester Piccadilly station for the first time, Mrs Doughty held a rose, whilst Mr Doughty held a newspaper to identify them.

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The rest is history, with the couple getting married and going on to have two sons, Allan and Paul.

Their beloved son Paul said: 'So many people have said to us that there is comfort in knowing that they were together right at the end.'

'They didn't know each other had passed and didn't have that stress. It came as such a shock.'

'They were just two lovely people who were very family orientated and wanted to be involved in everything.'

They were buried together, with a rose and a newspaper on their respective coffins.

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