Couple use Haribo sweets after wedding rings are stolen

Following a burglary which saw one couple’s wedding rings being stolen, they were forced to come up with an alternative.


by Fiona Day |

After engaged couple had their wedding rings were taken from their home, they decided to get creative and use Haribo rings instead!

David and Natalie Norris from Kingsley, Northants, married after exchanging vows with their edible stand-ins.

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The told the Mail Online about their burglary: ‘It was one thing to know someone had been in your house, but the things they took were so personal.’

‘It was obvious they were wedding rings, they were on a table of wedding stuff - how anybody could stoop so low, I don't know.’

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‘I was absolutely devastated. We looked for new rings in a few jewellery shops on Saturday, but we had taken so much time choosing our rings and waiting for them to be delivered, I didn't just want to get a new one.’

The couple used rings from a 99p pack of Haribo
The couple used rings from a 99p pack of Haribo

39-year-old Natalie said: ‘I said I would rather use those jelly Haribo rings.’

‘We wanted to make light of it - but we also wanted to show them that the burglars couldn't ruin our big day.’

‘We weren't just going to lie down and let them spoil our wedding day,’ says David, 43.

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‘We were determined to have fun regardless and we had a fantastic time in the end. ‘

The happy couple couldn’t resist eating the tasty rings in the en!

‘It was a nice touch to get the rings blessed but we ate them in the end - they were getting very sticky.’

Woudld you use Haribos if your wedding rings were stolen?

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