Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka exposes ‘rude’ message and why we didn’t know this

Sharon's been keeping secrets

by Ben Pulsford |

Ex Islanders like Sharon Gaffka are truly a godsend to anyone that works at Closer.

Excuse the pun, but their relaxed, loose-lipped, indifferent attitudes fuel us and provide our readers with the REAL scoop behind tele's favourite – and most secretive – dating show. Naturally, we had to get this girl on for another episode of Closer's Love Island Secrets.

And – not that there was any doubt WHATSOEVER – our girl Sharon delivered, once again. Handing out secrets to the masses like they were tic tacs. Remember when she revealed the item that she wasn't allowed to take in with her? Well this secret's even juicier.

Sharon will of course go down in Love Island history as the RBF (Resting B-tch Face) queen (and we want lessons) who argued with co-star Hugo Hammond about 'fakeness' and choosing to have cosmetic enhancements. She is a former civil servant and operations lead for the Department of Transport, who rose to fame on the seventh series of Love Island in 2021.

During Sharon's most recent interview with us, the topic of Islanders texting each other came up.

When asked whether Islanders actually text each other or send pictures (ahem) from their phones, Sharon responded effortlessly dispassionately, "I can't remember whether we could actually see the pictures from the day, but you can text each other from the Love Island phones, and sometimes the boys used to be really annoying and text each other and then scream, 'I've got a text!', so all of the girls would always be on edge so you can hear the sound go off and all the boys laughing."

She then revealed, "We were always aware that they (producers) could see texts. I think somebody might've sent a rude message and production had to remind us that they can see EVERYTHING we send to each other."

And why don't we know about this until now? Because this is just one of countless Love Island secrets out there waiting to be unravelled by US - with the help of our celebrity friends, of course

Just a gentle reminder that if any past or present Love Island producers fancy jumping ship and giving us a tell all interview ever, do get in touch.

Drop us a text, perhaps? And if you could bring the Love Island master phone with you, too, that would be grand.

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