Michelle Ryan: where is Zoe Slater from EastEnders now?

It's been 16 years since Zoe Slater left Albert Square for Ibiza

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Remember Michelle Ryan - aka Zoe Slater - from EastEnders? Well she's looking very different nowadays.

Let us remind you of the iconic soap star: it's 2001 and you're sitting around the TV with your family watching EastEnders.

Zoe Slater is planning to move to Spain with her uncle Harry but her 'sister' Kat Slater refuses to let her go.

You're on the edge of your seat and then you hear the iconic lines, "You ain't my muvva".... "YES, I AM".

eastenders michelle ryan zoe slater kat slater jessie wallace
zoe and kat together ©BBC

Your jaw has dropped and you have no words. Now do you remember Michelle? She played Kat daughter Zoe.

The last time we saw Zoe in Walford was back in 2005, but what is she doing now...

Who is Michelle Ryan?

Michelle is an actress and known for her role in EastEnders. However, since starring in the BBC soap, she's gone on to feature on Merlin, Doctor Who and Bionic Woman.

Who was Michelle Ryan in EastEnders?

Michelle played Zoe Slater. The actress joined the show in 2000, when she was just 16 years old.

eastenders kat zoe slater
kat and zoe had a strained relationship ©bbc

What happened to Zoe Slater?

Zoe discovering that her 'sister' Kat was actually her biological mum was classic EastEnders. Kat was raped by her uncle Harry and fell pregnant with Zoe at 13, so she was raised as her sister instead.

After running away from home and becoming homeless, Zoe fell into prostitution. She later slept with Dirty Den so they could pretend she was pregnant with his son Dennis Rickman's baby - thus ending his relationship with his adopted half sister Sharon Watts.

eastenders chrissie dirty den zoe
the infamous night chrissie killed dirty den ©bbc

Later, Zoe joined forces with Chrissie Watts and Sam Mitchell to get revenge on Dirty Den for the way he treated them all. While Zoe believed that she killed the villain, she was unaware that Chrissie was responsible for his death.

The news eventually came to light that Chrissie killed her husband, she went to prison and Zoe left for Ibiza.

In 2015, it came to light that Kat actually gave birth to twins, meaning Zoe has a twin brother. The last viewers heard, Zoe refused to see her mum but has since gott engaged.

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Den Watts, played by Leslie Grantham

'Dirty' Den Watts was Albert's Square's original villain, terrorising his wife and neighbours and getting his teenaged daughter's best friend pregnant.His marriage to alcoholic Angie Watts was one of the most tempestuous the soap had ever seen and a year after we were introduced to them he handed her divorce papers on the 1986 Christmas Day episode – watched by a record breaking 30.15million viewers. He was "killed off" by an East End gang in 1989, but returned again in 2003 for an 18 month stint, before being killed off for good at the hands of his second wife, Chrissie Watts.His character has been described by EastEnders executive producer Louise Berridge as being arguably one of the most iconic soap characters ever.

michelle ryan jessie wallace eastenders
michelle alongside her former co-star jessie wallace ©Getty Images

What happened with Zoe Slater and Kelly Taylor?

During her time on Albert Square, Zoe got involved with Dennis Rickman, Dirty Den, she got engaged to Anthony Trueman and she famously kissed her BFF Kelly.

The latter happened on a night out on New Year's Eve back in 2003. Kelly and Zoe got stranded and feeling emotional they shared a kiss.

However the kiss between the two friends received a lot of criticism off the show but Brooke Kinsella who played Kelly defended the moment and said, "It's not a gratuitous ratings getting move, it's not some kind of big lesbian kiss.

"It's the way two best friends who have a lot of love for each other show their emotions."

Is Michelle Ryan returning to EastEnders?

We highly doubt it.

Speaking to the Daily Record she admitted, "I always saw EastEnders as an apprenticeship.

"I always wanted to go on and do different things. I have some really good friends from that show but the door is closed."

michelle ryan Tracy-Ann Oberman and Kim Metcalf
michelle alongside her former co-stars who played Sam Mitchell and Chrissie Watts ©Getty Images

She added, "I've always taken chances. I think that's how you progress – by stepping out and doing different things. I really do like my freedom and jumping from job to job.

"I just want to work with people I admire and respect, wherever that be – big budget, low budget, leading role, supporting role."

And before that she told the Bristol Evening Post that towards the end of her time on the show she "got quite bored".

What is Michelle Ryan doing now?

Wondering what Michelle is up to now? Well that's a very good question. She's pretty much fallen off the grid although she is now doing voiceover work for Lady Christina - a spin-off series from Dr Who.

What does Michelle Ryan look like in 2022?

eastenders michelle ryan now
Michelle at an event in 2014 ©Getty Images

Well, it appears that she's very private but above is a photo of Michelle at a fancy event in 2014.

How old is Michelle Ryan?

Michelle is 38 years old. Her birthday is 22 April 1984.

Is Michelle Ryan married?

Again, not much is known about Michelle's private life. We love how lowkey she is.

Does Michelle Ryan have social media?

We've had a look on Twitter and Instagram and cannot find Michelle on either platform. So if you want to see her, it looks like you'll have to watch old EastEnders episodes.

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