From good manners to no nose-picking: Two little girls’ adorable list of essential boyfriend rules

Two young sisters with a very definite sense of what they want in their future boyfriend have made headlines with their sweet list of (man) must-have’s.

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by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Blaire, 6, and Brooke, 9, made a ‘List Of Boyfriend Rules’ which has gone viral, including rules such as "should be someone who is better than Bieber and not always getting in trouble."

Here is the adorable list of the girls’ 31 requirements:

  1. nice hand writing

  2. cuteness

  3. likes parents

  4. not living with parents

  5. good manners

  6. good artist

  7. dresses well

  8. takes you to nice places

  9. nice place

  10. likes children/wants children

  11. nice jewellery

  12. listens

  13. don’t pick your nose

  14. no kissing on first date

  15. marry some one who respects you

  16. smart

  17. good cook

  18. has a good job

  19. always happy

  20. clean

  21. respect different religions

  22. last name not weird

  23. very fun

  24. makes you laugh

  25. eats healthy

  26. takes care of body

  27. doesn’t tell tales

  28. brushes teeth and floss

  29. likes YOUR job

  30. take care of pet

  31. doesn't smoke


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