Lose weight and get fit this September with these top tips

Feeling nicely relaxed since your summer holiday? That’s why now is the best time to get yourself as fit and slim as you’ve always wanted to be


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Better than January when it’s cold and we’re all feeling sorry for ourselves, why not use the post-holiday period to get fired up to get in shape? September’s been re-named Zestember - it's a bit like Movember, but instead of growing a moustache, the plan is to do something every day to 'get more zest' - ie, get fit, healthy and toned.

Says healthy lifestyle expert Rachel McGuinness, who created Zestember to get the nation healthier, “ZEST stands for all the factors that impact on your weight and fitness. Z: zzzs. E: Eat right. S: Strength, stretch and sweat (ie exercise) and T: take time out. I dropped 4 dress sizes by following a few principles that gave me more ZEST, and now anyone can do the same”.

Here are a few of the ZEST principles

Give your bed an MOT

Can’t sleep? If your mattress is uncomfortable or lumpy, or you are waking up achy, it could be time to change your mattress or bed. And do your pillows support your neck? Poor sleep will hinder digestion, and being tired causes us to make unhealthy food choices.

Make your bed a more comfortable environment
Make your bed a more comfortable environment

Eat in Technicolour

Beige food is out! Eat colourful natural foods, vegetables and fruit. Most beige food is processed and full of chemicals, which don’t have much nutritional value.

Keep on stepping

Walk as much as you can, take the stairs, stand up at work and get out at lunchtime. Humans are designed to move between 3-5 miles a day – that’s 10,000 steps!

Take breaks

Every 60-90 minutes take a 10-minute break to stretch, get a drink and walk around. It will help you focus which in turn will keep you motivated to eat healthily.

Have a tech amnesty before bedtime

Avoid using phones, tablets or laptops at least an hour before bedtime and take the TV out of your bedroom. Screens emit a blue light that tricks your brain into waking up, and poor sleep affects the release of weight regulating hormones.

Follow the 80/20 rule

A little bit of what you fancy won’t hurt you, but not all the time. Allow yourself that dessert or that pizza, but keep them for the weekends. 80% healthy and 20% of what you want will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Will this be your healthiest September yet?

Strength, stretch and sweat

Build all three into your exercise plan. Strength-based exercise will improve your muscle mass, stretching keeps your body in alignment and sweat raises your heart-rate. All will make you feel good and look way better.

Eat healthy protein

Make sure you include meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds and pulses in your diet. Plan your meals around protein rather than carbs as it will help you feel fuller and boost your muscle mass giving you more definition.

Plan some time out

Every 3 months you need to take some time out – so book a break now, even if it’s just a long weekend. Your body and mind needs time out to relax, recharge and revitalize to make you mentally, physically and emotionally stronger – and less likely to binge.

To download all 30 Ways To Get More ZEST go to www.zestember.org.uk.

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