One Direction blag a years worth of free taxi rides after plug in new single and music video – despite being multi-millionaires

You’d think those One Direction boys could afford to pay for their taxis now they’re the biggest boy band on the planet.


by Jack White |
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But didn’t stop the band plugging London mini cab firm Addison Lee in their new music video before cheekily asking for some freebies in return.

The boys are seen using an Add Lee car in their video for Midnight Memories, while singing about having too many people in the back of one.

Louis Tomlinson then tweeted the cab company: “Surely we get some kind of @AddisonLeeCabs gold card for that name drop haha !!??”

The boys mention London firm Addison Lee in their new single Midnight Memories
The boys mention London firm Addison Lee in their new single Midnight Memories

And the boys weren’t disappointed – Addison Lee have rewarded their shameless plugging with a years worth of free taxis each.

A UK newspaper were told: “Addison Lee were delighted to be mentioned in the song. They even tried to see how many people you could actually fit in in one of their cabs off the back of it.

“So they were more than happy to give them something in return. Thanks to Louis, they came up with the idea of giving them a year’s worth of free cab journeys.”

Louis then cheekily tweeted the company asking for some freebies in return - and he was disappointed

It seems that Addison Lee aren’t only rewarding the boys for their name-dropping, but also for their loyalty.

“One Direction have used Add Lees since they were on the X Factor, and continued to use the company after they were signed.

“They actually ended up using the same driver quite often, so they took him to Wembley to thank him for ferrying them around.”

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