Man who had world’s first penis transplant to be a dad

The man who underwent the world’s first penis transplant is now expecting his first child


by Fiona Day |
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It was a medical first, but it has been revealed that the man who received the world’s first penis transplant is to become a dad.

The anonymous South African underwent the operation last year after losing most of his penis due to a botched tribal circumcision.

The Daily Mail reports that he was able to have sex with his girlfriend just 6 weeks after the revolutionary surgery.

Following a further operation, the dad-to-be was able to urinate without the use of a catheter.

Professor Frank Graewe, who was part of the team of doctors to operate on the man, was surprised at how soon he recovered from the surgery.

The manw as able to have sex weeks after the transplant

He explained during a university lecure: “He gets good quality erections, ejaculates and has frequent sex with his partner.”

It was then revealed that his girlfriend had fallen pregnant with the couple’s first child.

According to reports, hundreds of men in Africa lose their penises every year due to botched circumcision.

Worst case scenario men have lost their lives to the practice.

It is hoped that following the success of this unique treatment more men can lead normal, functioning sex lives after losing their pride and joy.

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