Ellie Goulding showcases her new hair and gym body on Instagram – and unveils her fitness mantra

The Burn singer has unveiled her new hair and taut gym body to her fans, but she's getting fit the sensible way…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Ellie Goulding has scored a number one slot in the charts but, as if that weren't enough, she's also revealed her hot new hair and trim gym figure to the world too.

Taking to Instagram, she posted the following snaps up - much to the admiration of her followers, who insisted that Ellie was their fitness motivation.

But, before anyone says anything about Ellie starving herself, button that lip; she's still enjoying the sweeter side of life.


Ellie doesn't starve herself to be thin, she works out to get fit. Which is very different and much more sensible.

Speaking to The Metro she said she is keen to show off the benefits of her training schedule, explaining: "I don’t see myself as being a skinny girl. I see myself as an athletic girl.

"I work out every day, go running, I take fitness really seriously. So why not?"

Ellie follows a pretty intense daily fitness regime, which includes a six mile run and the Insanity extreme home fitness DVDs.

She also enjoys doing handstands, just because she can…

Has Ellie Goulding left you tempted to try out the Insanity workout DVDs? Or go for a run each day? Remember - pudding is still allowed if so...

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