Alesha Dixon slams Katie Hopkins, calling her a ‘stupid b****’

Everyone has an opinion of outspoken and controversial Katie Hopkins, and Alesha Dixon is the latest star to make hers heard.


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The feisty Britain’s Got Talent judge’s comments come after Katie Price and Rebecca Ferguson publicly defended Lily Allen after Hopkinsinsulted her for gaining weight during her pregnancy.

New mum Alesha, 35, didn’t hold back, saying: “She’s horrible. She’s a stupid b****. I don’t like people who put out negativity to the world. She thinks she’s being cool because she’s being a b****. She’s not, she’s just a b****.”

Alesha let rip at Katie, calling her a 'stupid b****'
Alesha let rip at Katie, calling her a 'stupid b****'


Hopkins, 39, recently slammed mum-of-two Lily, 28, saying that Lily becoming a mother ‘largely involved gaining two stone and looking pretty hideous.’

Katie Price, 35, then leapt to Lily’s defence, comparing Hopkins to a ‘saggy tea bag’ and saying: “We shouldn’t be put under pressure to get into shape and Lily looks pretty darn good if you ask me.”

Celeb mums, including Katie Price, have jumped to Lily's defence following the cruel weight jibes


Singer Rebecca, 27, also had her say, calling Hopkins ‘the female version of Mr. Nasty’, and saying: “To be nasty about someone putting on weight when they’ve had two babies is just weird.”

Alesha continued her rant: “Us talking about Katie isn’t cool because I don’t want her to get off on it. We should ignore her, then she’d be really pissed off.”

Lily got her own back on Katie by posting this selfie, looking amazing


Lily herself responded to Katie’s cruel jibes by posting a picture of herself on Instagram looking amazing in a short, tight black dress, along with the caption: ‘Just going to the shop… want anything Katie?’

Last week, during a Twitter Q&A, Hopkins compared herself to Jesus, writing: “Being hated is a cross I bear. Like the jesus of the outspoken.’

We’ve got a feeling that the celeb mums aren’t finished with Katie yet…

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